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Fulton, Curtis Lee-- Technologist


Biographical Synopsis

Technology skills

  • Java (GWT, Android, Servlets)
  • JavaScript
  • Objective C
  • UNIX shell, tools and administration
  • Apache web server

Special projects

  • Wrote and produced the play "Paper Houses," which opened at the Annex Theatre in Seattle, Washington.
  • Produced and edited the film "The Day Called 'X'," which ran at the Willamette Week Longbaugh Film Festival in Portland, Oregon.
  • Write and maintain PgMdAtom, the most complete open-source Atom parser available for iOS

Employment History

Software Engineer

I help maintain the Java and JavaScript APIs for thePlatform's Player Developerment Kit, a video player SDK. Tasks include:

  • Engineering and implementing APIs for our customers
  • Write Java modules for Android and the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) Java-to-JavaScript cross-compiler.
  • Engineering a specialized client-side framework that uses GIN/Guice for dependency injection. The framework inforces inversion-of-control, which gives API users a great deal of customization
  • Writing reusable modules that are shared with all teams throughout the company
  • Researching bleeding-edge behavior of HTML5 mobile devices
  • Using Maven shade plugin and GWT to reuse thousands of lines of server code on the client. Gave a talk at OSCON about this technique in July 2011

(August 2010 - present)
thePlatform for Media, Inc.
1000 Second Avenue
Suite 1000
Seattle, WA 98104


At Western Communications (publisher of five newspapers in Oregon and California; based in Bend, Oregon), I built ingest, publishing and identity systems, such as:

  • Editorial and classifieds XML ingest processes that transform and filter XML (Unix Shell, Perl, Expat parser, XSLT, XPath).
  • Regional movie guide and schedule pages (Apache Tomcat, Java, Xalan XSLT).
  • In-house feed monitoring and reporting service (Apache Tomcat, Java, Velocity, Hibernate)
  • Subscriber identity middleware with OAuth, Paypal and proprietary CRM integration (Java, mod_perl, JSON, REST)
  • Classifieds customer ordering system with a pure JavaScript client that communicates with a REST interface. (Python, Django, ExtJS, JSON).
  • Classifieds display service with a pure JavaScript client that communicates with a REST interface. (Google Web Apps, Python, Django, ExtJS, JSON).

(October 2004 - October 2007; July 2008 - August 2010)
The Bulletin
1777 SW Chandler Avenue
Bend, OR 97702

Software Engineer

Tasks included: object-oriented, test-driven Perl development of in-house web publishing system.

(November 2007 - June 2008)
Xerox, Inc.
45 Glover Avenue
P.O. Box 4505
Norwalk, CT 06856-4505

Investigative Reporter

Tasks included: Investigative reporting for The Online Reporter, high-end newsletter geared toward management and investors. My beat was the digital media industry and I followed companies like AOL Time Warner, Bertelsmann, Vivendi, EMI, Tivo, Napster, Real Networks and Microsoft.

(July 2001 - January 2003)
G2 Computer Intelligence
323 Glen Cove Ave.
Sea Cliff, NY 11579


University of Oregon
School of Journalism and Communication
Eugene, OR 97403