The Day Called X

Director, producer and editor: Curtis Lee Fulton

Director of photography, camera operator and co-producer: Jason Thomas

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premiere: Willamette Week's Longbaugh Film Festival, March 31, 2007

The Day Called X (p1) from curtis fulton on Vimeo.

Watch part 2 (21:04) and part 3 (5:05).

The Portland Tribune said "The Day Called X" is "primarily a profile of talk-show host Clyde Lewis but manages a montage effect that connects the dots between underground culture, conspiracy theory and a general sense of impending doom." The paper called my film "low-budget, at best," but conceded that "the soundtrack by Portland retro new wave punkers the Epoxies rocks so hard, and suits the film so well, that all is forgiven."

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